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September 17, 2023 1:00-6:00pm

The Dance Shoppe,  3549 Airport Rd #112, Waterford, MI  48329
Terri Newman -5 level syllabi 

"The Metamorphosis Adjudicated System of Ballet"




















Terri Newman is presenting information that is NOT just for the ballet teacher.  The Metamorphosis Ballet System (MBS) is curriculum designed for teacher’s that train multi-disciplined dancers.  Terri will be teaching how the system uses Dance Rules that Train the Brain so that a student can become the “Boss of their Body” and the “Master of their Muscles”.  This system allows for the proper training of muscle memory through the repetition that muscles need and gives the students the dance intelligence to use this training in all of their physical movement. 

Proper training using the MBS leads to progress in jazz, contemporary, modern, lyrical and musical theater.  Terri will also share how she utilizes the system to build re

Terri Newman has been a dance master for 43 years.  She is a past president of Dance Masters of MI, certified by exam through both Dance Masters of America and the Cecchetti Council, and has judged and taught at regional and nationals throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Her home dance school has a small student population and yet they have been very successful in the competition world at both regional and national levels with hundreds of groups, solo titles and high score awards, choreography awards, and top studio awards.  However, Miss Terri is proudest of being recognized consistently for obtaining a high level of technique from her dancers with just 2 weekly ballet classes.  She has the ability to empower each student to find the best within themselves regardless of their natural talents or dance facility.  Miss Terri’s students gain a deep appreciation for their technical training and for the work ethic and focus that they obtain through their classes.   This technique has enabled her dancers to choose a career in dance and her students have gone onto successful dance careers including professional companies such as Alvin Ailey, and Kegwin in New York City as well as many regional professional companies.  Her students have become Rockettes, been on Broadway, danced on cruise lines and in theme parks, and been in industrial and arena productions.  She has had numerous students continue their training in top college dance programs, or become a part of successful college dance teams, many becoming captain.  You will find that many teachers throughout the country were once a student of Miss Terri at her home studio in Waterford, MI or while she was teaching at a convention or guest teaching at a private studio.



Tentative Future Schedule 
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September 21, 2025 - 
September 20, 2026 - 

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